Breath Work & Meditation

Forum 50+ and Bridgnorth Yoga are launching a new session aimed at calming busy minds, easing tension and aiding relaxation.

Wednesday 11.15am – 12.15pm, Dawley Town Hall, New Street, Dawley, TF4 3JR. MAP.

Breath Work

“For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.” –Sanskrit proverb

We breathe, without even thinking about it. Your breath can however be influenced by your thoughts, stress levels, anxiety, illness, experiences and many many more factors. You may experience shortness of breath, shallow breathing in the chest and tightness in the throat.

Learning to breathe with awareness is a valuable skill to help us to self regulate, harmonising the body, mind and soul.Steady, full breathes allow us to relax the central nervous system, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, stimulating the Vagus nerve  – calming down our cardiovascular system. Taking us from fight and flight, into rest and digest. slowing down the heart rate, and allowing us to relax.

Research has concluded that breathe work may help to decrease stress, help with anxiety depression, PTSD, addictions, rejuvenate the body and mind, aid recovery from illness, reduce fatigue, lower blood pressure, improve mental focus and boost the immune system.


Meditation  is a state of mind between wakefulness and dream. Upon relaxing, we open the subconscious and unconscious levels of the mind. The subconscious mind is very obedient, and once we start utilising we can retrain our entire systems.

Meditation can be more effective & efficient than sleep. Whilst sleeping, thoughts and memories are still revolving around the mind and we can wake up exhausted. In meditation , we find a deep state of release from our muscular, mental and emotional tension. In fact a single hour of meditation (Yoga Nidra in particular), is the equivalent to four hours sleep as the total system relaxes. We not only relax, we restructure our entire being from within, as we work into the conscious, unconscious, and subconscious layers of the mind.

The scientific research into Yoga Nidra meditations . Concludes it may help with –

Stress & anxiety, relaxation, breaking habits & repetitive cycles, addictions, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic diseases, relieving pain – neck, shoulders, jaw, menstrual disorders, asthma, cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and can also build confidence and raise self esteem.

Bring your own yoga mat, (pillow and blanket recommended). Chair option available.

Open to all ages 18+

£3. Discount applies if attending Chair Yoga session at 10am.

Contact Sahara 07475 500227.